OCTOBER 15, 2002


Maintenance update provides bug fixes and new features to Mac OS X data and resource file editing tool.

Boulder, Colorado -- October 15, 2002 -- Mathemaesthetics, Inc. announced today a long-awaited update to its flagship product, Resorcerer 2.4, the award-winning, Mac programming professional's data and resource file editor for Mac OS X and Mac OS 9.

Primarily a bug fix maintenance release, Resorcerer 2.4.1 has several new features that include:

In addition, many minor enhancements have been made in various areas of Resorcerer, including AppleScript support, opening of alias files, better screen-capturing in the pixel editors, persistent preferences, data type etymology display, pasting hex data from C and Rez source files, menu and dialog editing, etc.. There are also several dozen bug fixes for new, old, and a few very old bugs.

"The new Altivec-to-English disassembler is unique to the industry," says Doug McKenna, developer of Resorcerer. "Like most programmers, I find standard PowerPC disassembly output daunting: my eyes just glaze over." The technology takes a standard 32-bit machine code instruction and outputs a specially tailored English paragraph explaining what happens to the instruction's register or immediate arguments. "This is one of those features that most programmers never need up until the time they really need it in order to understand quickly what some low-level machine instruction is really doing," says McKenna. "It's also a great learning tool for understanding Apple's Velocity Engine(tm) (or IBM's VMX) capabilities for anyone creating very-high-performance software on the Mac or other Power-architecture machine."

Examples of the disassembler's English output for PowerPC and AltiVec instructions are on the company's website here.

Resorcerer is shipped in both a Classic/Mac OS 9 version, as well as a Carbonized version for running natively under Mac OS X ("Jaguar" 10.2.1 and earlier).

The data editing application has also been released as the first native Mac OS X resource and data fork editor for the Japanese market. "Two-byte display for existing files in addition to Unicode for new files was probably our single-most-requested feature for the Japanese version of Resorcerer," according to Richard Northcott, president of Enfour Media, Ltd., which has localized and distributes Resorcerer in Japan. "Developers in Japan are welcoming this new version as one of their most important tools."

Availability and Pricing

Free updaters for either Carbon or Classic versions of the US version of Resorcerer 2.4 are available to all current Resorcerer 2.4 customers. The updaters are downloadable from the company's website here.

Free demo versions of Resorcerer 2.4.1 are also available on the company's website here.

Resorcerer 2.4 is available on CD for online purchase at Mathemaesthetics, Inc.'s website, as well as through resellers and MacTech's Developer Depot. Pricing is US $256/copy, with quantity, reseller, educational, and student discounts. The CD includes both Mac OS 9 ("Classic") versions and Mac OS X ("Carbon") versions of the application.

Users of previous versions of Resorcerer can upgrade here directly from Mathemaesthetics Inc.. Upgrades are US $128/copy.

About Resorcerer

Resorcerer is the premiere professional resource and data fork editing tool for the Mac OS developer and localizer. Winner of a MacUser Eddy award, the application is filled with a wealth of binary data editing tools, ranging from Mac OS X icon editing to PowerPC disassembly to interface layout, etc. With knowledge of hundreds of standard Macintosh software data formats, Resorcerer remains one of the most important tools a Mac developer needs to "get under the hood" of any file, whether a resource file or a plain data fork or Unix file. The application is AppleScript-able, with an object hierarchy down to each individual bit in a file, and supports a non-modal, high-performance, generic file system browser for finding and opening any file or folder on any disk. Several useful utilites, such as screen magnifier, complete Unicode browser, and a 64-bit Value Converter, are included with the application.

About Mathemaesthetics, Inc.

Mathemaesthetics, Inc. has been a personal computer software developer and Macintosh developer tool provider for 15 years, specializing in interactive data structure editors that enhance programmer productivity. Mathemaesthetics (math + art = software) has developed taxonomic database and music notation software, and also does research in the area of fractal tile designs. Additionally, the company has been in the forefront of the legal fight against junk fax spam.

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